• Local or International Portfolio
    As the top financial advisor in the Vietnamese market and exclusive strategic partnership with Banque Heritage (Switzerland), Viet Tin Private Wealth advisors can structure your investment in different diversified international portfolios.
  • Strategic Planning
    We evaluate each client’s needs and preferences by determining spending and lifestyle requirements, anticipated large capital expenditures, philanthropic interests and desire for generational wealth transfer.
  • Strategic Asset Allocation
    Our process balances investment opportunities across geographies and among a wide range of asset classes. We employ an approach to asset allocation based on a robust quantitative framework that measures the trade-offs between risk and return. This enables us to provide the appropriate level of portfolio diversification. Throughout the year, we may recommend tactical shifts within a portfolio in order to capitalize on current investment opportunities.
  • Portfolio Construction and Rebalancing
    We develop a thoughtful, step-wise plan to implement the asset allocation best suited to a client’s needs. Taking into account current market conditions and economic trends, we review each client’s portfolio on an ongoing basis and evaluate possible adjustments.

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