• Global Sourcing Relationships
    We benefit from Viet Tin and our partners’ extensive and long-term relationships with general partners and private equity investors around the world.
  • Extensive Due Diligence
    We regularly draw on the global due diligence resources of numerous industry groups, research analysts and capital market experts throughout Viet Tin Capital and our strategic partners. These insights inform our evaluations of fund opportunities and our valuations of portfolio companies.
  • Innovation Solutions
    We are focused on developing innovative approaches for our investors, whether in designing diversified private equity portfolios or in providing customized liquidity solutions. Our global resources, coupled with our structuring expertise and technology platforms, enable us to respond dynamically to changing market conditions and capitalize on new opportunities with our partners.
  • Commitment to Client Service
    We recognize that our investors have unique investment objectives and needs, and we are committed to working with each of our clients in order to provide exceptional client service. In addition to best-in-class reporting and portfolio monitoring capabilities, we offer various educational programs aimed at enriching an investor’s current background in private equity.

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