• Vietnamese Focused Fund
    The Viet Tin Fund Management is a local private equity fund that aims to create a diversified portfolio comprised of various investment strategies. We focus on choosing talented managers and building portfolios, providing broad exposure to such strategies as leveraged buy-outs; growth and venture capital; distressed, turnaround, industry focused and structured investments; and natural resources.
  • Secondaries, Structured Portfolios and Liquidity Solutions
    The Viet Tin Fund Management provide liquidity solutions to existing investors in private equity. Sourcing opportunities in top companies and private equity firms in Vietnam, the fund acquire and value interests in existing limited partnerships and interests in portfolios of direct company investments. The funds also provide customized capital solutions for general partners, structuring funded portfolios involving co-investments and select primary commitments.
  • Sector Specific and Geography Focused
    We develop unique strategy, sector and regionally focused fund to provide our investors with diversified exposure to distinct market opportunities. Our fund offerings include specialized programs in real estate, energy and power, oil and gas and infrastructures.

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