CEO's Message

 "Our mission is to create value to our customers by combining sound investment tactics with international diversified strategy and strong corporate integrity"

Fundamental reforms are driving their way deeper into our Vietnamese financial systems, and a gradual shift from local market focused to international diversified is firmly underway. In this new environment, the responsibilities that an asset management company must fulfill are increasingly more demanding and challenging. Viet Tin Capital meets these challenges by continually refining its management abilities. Through these activities we play an active role in building a sound securities market, maximizing profit for our investors, revitalizing the Vietnamese economy and contributing to the society.

Viet Tin Capital aims to provide innovative investment products that solve complex problems and transactions by introducing a range of financial products available to both corporations of any size, and individual investors that meet the demands of today's challenging markets. For the past couple of years, Viet Tin Capital has continued to accrue a long and successful track record of investment services for our investors. We have developed a global management and research structure to better service our clients world-wide, and have forged an alliance with a Swiss investment management and investment bank Banque Heritage. We will continue to meet the responsibilities placed on us by generating attractive returns for our clients, and by providing high-quality services which not only meet our clients’ current demands, but also anticipate their future needs.

Based on our business objective of providing "Hand-on Investment with Best in Quality", our staff of highly trained professional are committed to ensuring that we will earn the recognition as a world-class Vietnamese asset management company. Viet Tin Capital will always be a company upon which clients can depend. Please support all of us at Viet Tin Capital as we strive to raise the bar to a new level of professionalism that provides value for our customers by combining sound investment strategies with exemplary service and strong corporate integrity.

Chief Executive Officer

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